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Dragon's Gold Premium Beard Oil 2 oz

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Premium beard oil: A wild scent with a hint of tea tree, frankincense, sandalwood and pheromones that are designed to overload the senses of your significant other.

Dragon's Gold Premium Beard Oil uses a unique blend of 16+ oils including sandalwood, an essential oil that takes 50 years to mature.This beard oil was also designed with a dropper in order to actually get on your skin! Other beard oils fail and have you put the oil in your dirty hands and rub it on your hair never getting on your skin, which is 50% of what the beard oils are designed to help. Dragons Gold beard oil comes with a dropper to make applying the oil easy.

The combination of all our ingredients create an unparalleled oil that leaves your beard and face looking and smelling amazing! We include a strong combination of oils and pheromones to give this beard oil an edge when trying to impress and seduce the one you love. 

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