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We produce the highest quality beard oils and beard balms to include our unique blend of essential oils and the use of pheromones to make your beard look and smell the best. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, these beard care products are for you. 

Beardfection is what every bearded man strives for. A perfect beard that not only looks great and amazing but also smells great, is healthy from the additional benefits of beard oil and balm and is trimmed and kept. It's not perfection, it's beardfection! "Strive for Beardfection"

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Dragon's Gold Original Beard Products

When developing the ingredient list we wanted to ensure a few things were covered. Skin, hair health and smell were our top priorities. We believe we have a achieved a perfect balance of oils containing omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids along with vitamin E which is essential for skin health. Not only are you getting the benefits of 16 different oils, but we also use a rare essential oil, Sandalwood. Sandalwood is very expensive due to the fact it takes 50 years to mature and then and only then can it be extracted. We use other essential oils to make the original products smell great but more manly and subtle than our premium blend. This is typically for everyday use when you want to smell manly but not overpowering. We combine pure sandalwood with Himalayan Cedar wood and a few other secret essential oils to give a perfectly unique fragrance for the bearded man. The Original blend can be found as a beard oil and beard balm.


Dragons Gold Premium Beard Products

We use the same quality oils and essential oils yet we add a little zing and innovative chemistry to this recipe by adding our unique pheromone to make you smell even more manly and stand alone from any man not using the power of pheromones. Keep in mind our pheromones are all-natural and found in plants. We do not use human pheromones. The Premium blend has a stronger smell to impress your partner when they are close to your beard.  The smell is still manly but the pheromone is what makes this product smell great for men and for women!

We are innovative to be using pheromones in our beard oils and beard balms. We are the first company to do so. Using nature as our ally we harness this power to bring you such a unique and amazing smell that no other beard oil or beard balm company can replicate.