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What is Dragon's Gold beard oil?

Located in Aurora, Colorado our Beard oil is a combination of natural and organic oils that have specific properties for protecting, moisturizing and nourishing both your skin and beard. This is why we use 16+ different natural oils, ensuring your face and beard have the necessary nutrients needed to grow your beard fast, full and healthy.

How do I apply Dragon's Gold beard oil?

Other companies will tell you to rub the beard oil into your hands and then apply onto your beard hair, WRONG! This is not proper beard care. The point of having beard oil is to not just nourish your beard, but to also prevent your face from drying out and getting "face dandruff". When growing a beard or any facial hair, it's important to moisturize your face as well as your hair. This is why we recommend that you directly drop Dragon's Gold beard oil onto your face using our applicator provided with every bottle and then massage the oil into your beard, mustache, etc. We recommend a boars hair brush for beard care. The amount of drops used will be determined by the size of your beard. We recommend starting with 6-8 drops and adding from there until the desired saturation is achieved. 

What makes Dragon's Gold beard oil the best?

The quality of oils used in beard care products are high in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids as well as vitamin E. These are ALL of the omega fatty acids available and provide many benefits for your skin. According to WebMD, research suggests that they may not only reduce sun sensitivity but also diminish inflammation associated with acne. 

Here are our competitors and notice they use very few oils and lack the depth for your beard care.

Beard Brand only uses 4 carrier oils. www.beardbrand.com

Woodsman Beard Oil which only uses 7 carrier oils. 

We also have several oils that contain Vitamin E. Vitamin E is crucial for skin and Beard health. It's both a nutrient for you skin and hair as well as a vital antioxidant. The NIH Office of Dietary Supplements (ODS) explains that this antioxidant helps neutralize free radicals which damage cells. 

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The combination of essential oils we use not only smell great, but also play a role in enhancing your natural scent. Our main essential oil we use is sandalwood, a rare and expensive essential oil that takes 50 years to mature. We strive to obtain a very natural and organic smell that's manly enough for your beard, yet delicate and refined enough to ensure your partner and you will love the fragrance. 

 What is Dragon's Gold beard balm?

Dragon's Gold beard balm is made with the same oils as Dragon's Gold beard oil except we add a high quality beeswax to give our beard balms an all natural smell, while providing the hold you desire and acting as a sealant for your beard hair. We also use a fractionated version of shea butter called shea olein to help increase the absorption of the oils into your beard during your beard care routine. We also use 16 carrier oil from Organic virgin coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and many more. Please click on our ingredients to see just how many we use. 

Dragon's Gold beard balm is essentially a leave-in conditioner that conditions, protects, and moisturizes your beard throughout the day. It also helps style your beard to avoid looking unkept.

Beard balms should have an abundance of oils to balance absorption and protection. Some competitors that fall short and only use a few.

 How to apply Dragon's Gold beard balm?

Take a small amount (dime size) of Dragon's Gold beard balm and rub it evenly throughout your beard with your hands. The focus of the balm is to not moisturize your face but moisturize and protect your beard. Style as desired. Here is a great article to read from ask men on how to apply your beard balm or watch our video on How and why to use beard balms and incorporate that into your beard care routine.

When should I use Dragon's Gold beard balm?

We recommend using Dragon's Gold beard balm as all lengths of your beard. This will help protect your hair as it grows longer and help style your short stubborn hair. It can be also used on longer beards if you want that added protection or stronger hold for your beard. This is a perfect product to use for going out in town, doing anything outdoors when the weather might be harsh on your beard, or impressing that girl to show how rugged yet tame your beard is. 

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