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Grant Lewis is one of the two founders of Hunter's Journey LLC. The start of it all was inspired by his son Hunter, who has been recently diagnosed autistic. Hunter is a 5 year old who is like most kids. He loves trains, fishing and hanging out with dad. One his favorite things to do was help dad make his beard balms and oils. Hunter would gather around the stove help pour, mix and package the oils. Grant wanted something that he and his son could do together and decided to build this company.  Grant is also a US Army veteran who was stationed in Washington D.C. with the 3rd US Infantry Regiment "The Old Guard". After his service Grant went to the University of Colorado majoring in biology and chemistry. Grant has the understanding of how chemicals play an intricate part in biology thus enabling him to explore the science behind pheromonal attraction, oils and other non-polar molecules which has lead to these amazing products. It wasn't easy to extract the secret ingredients from the Dragons, but Grant somehow achieved this miraculously with Hunter's help.



Shachar Goldwater, the co-founder, has had a fascination with beards since the first site of his own whiskers. From age 13 and on, facial hair has always been prevalent. With the exception of his time spent in the United States Navy working in a helicopter combat search and rescue squadron, facial hair has had a significant role in Shachar’s life. From sideburns and mustaches, to a full grown beard, Shachar has always sported a unique look. After Shachar completed his studying a CSU, he started thinking about how he could combine facial hair and dragons. With a lot of thought and some pretty dangerous excursions with his business partner, Dragon’s Gold came to life.