Winter is coming! Why men grow their beards in winter and how women respond.

Summer has ended, the cold weather has arrived thrusting new behaviors and attitudes into the season. First, men who have abandoned their beard growth during the summer months are starting to grow their facial hair to brave the upcoming winter, much like Elk or Deer growing their antlers. Why do we instinctively do this?

After the summer when people are done partying on boats, laying out in the sun, traveling across country and women trade a bathing suit for a cardigan , us men smell the air and know it’s time. When the first pumpkin spice latte is poured at Starbucks we begin to feel the urge to hunker down in front of a fire with someone special. As the Holidays approach more relationships will start, some that ended at the beginning of summer may rekindle. This my friends, is the start of mating season.

So why is it that men begin to grow facial hair at the end of summer? It all has to do with competition and biology. Instinctively women want to find someone who they feel safe with, someone who will protect them, emotionally and physically. Summer is a time where food is abundant, winter is a time where food is scarce. You can stay out all night under the stars in the summer, if you do that in the winter you may lose a leg due to frostbite. We need to look like we are able to protect a women and growing a beard is the most dramatic change we can accomplish for this. My buddy Joe  shaved his beard and has been taking pictures every week to show the change a man can make.

Joe CanaleJoe Canale beard growthJoe Canale Beard

As most of you know I am on dating sites. Bumble, Tinder, Match, all of these I have been on for months. Let me share something interesting I have noticed with you.

During the beginning of summer things were extremely slow. It felt like I would get one quality date a month to only end with her saying that she just wanted to have a good time and wasn't looking for anything serious. This progressed for months and believe me when I say it was draining. I had a few women who really touched my heart but was unable to obtain their affections long term. We all know summer time is full of events and things to do which causes us to be adventurous.

Enter The Pumpkin Craze

As soon as the weather changes in September and pumpkin this and that is everywhere, I began to notice a change. More and more women liking my profiles, a spike in messages and what shocked me the most was the aggressive behavior of women writing me first and wanting to meet very quickly. It was a 180 degree turn compared to a few months ago. I am now unable to keep up with messages and for the first time, have stopped swiping! It also seems as if the quality of women on these dating sites have increased. It went from women who mostly were just looking for fun in the summer to women who are looking for a long term commitment. I am currently sitting next to one right now while writing this blog.

It’s also interesting to note that during the summer most women were very neutral with my beard, Let’s face it, I keep it clean and trimmed. However over the past month 40% of all first messages from women have been complimenting my beard. I have also been told many times by several people to grow it more, which I have never heard.

Winter is coming and as such, so are the beards. If you are a single guy contemplating growing a beard, have stubble and wish to get it fuller, or have an awesome beard and want to take it to the next level, now is the time.

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I Hope you all enjoyed the read! I am interested in hearing your feedback and if you have noticed this as well. 

 "Strive or Beardfection"

Grant M. Lewis

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