Why a full beard attracts a quality woman

It's crazy to think that just a few months of facial hair growth could completely change how you're perceived to the opposite sex. It's human nature to instantly judge someone by appearance and a decision is usually made within 5 seconds of whether or not you are attractive enough to be considered. So what does having a beard have to do with that and how can it help gain the favor of a woman?


This topic has been beaten to death when it comes to attracting woman. It is well known that a man with a full beard compared to himself cleaned shaven looks more masculine. Woman who are looking for a protector of their future children or even current children find a man who appears to be able to protect her offspring more appealing. This is why having a full beard produces woman who are ready to mate and have a family. There is a direct correlation instinctively to having a beard and being seen as a potential mate. 

"Men with full beards are viewed as being more attractive for long-term relationships, according to a study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biologyhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/relationships/men-with-beards-best-for-long-term-relationships---study/"

NOW, there is the opposite effect for a women if you have a stubble. The same study mentioned above also states that a man with stubble is more inclined to attract a woman who is looking for a good time and/or a fling, rather than a long term partner.


This coincides with the study above. Younger women typically are not looking for marriage until they feel ready. Millennial woman are waiting longer and longer to make that decision. As they age more men in their age group start to grow full beards. 

With that being said, a younger woman will not find a full beard as attractive because they are used to their dating populous of men being -+2 years of there own age. For example let's say you have a 23 year old woman right out of college. The majority of men that she saw and dated in college were roughly her same age and probably cleaned shaven or had stubble as many men that age struggle with growing a thick full beard. It's because of this reason that a full beard is typically foreign to these woman and they just don't find it attractive, yet! This is why men with full beards attract woman who are more mature over a woman who just graduated college and her life experiences are limited. https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-attraction-doctor/201607/do-women-prefer-men-beards

With so much competition out there is great that us bearded men can have an edge. With tinder and online dating it makes for a challenging and interesting time. Take advantage and use your beard wisely! 

"Strive for Beardfection" 

Grant Lewis

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James Hernandez

Ofcourse, a fully grown bear can attract a lot of women. It is proven that a man with a beard looks more masculine than a clean shaved man. And hence women get attracted to a women with healthy and full grown beard. Men with beards look more matured and virility. One can use oils and beards to make your beards grow to the fuller extent. So strive hard to get the perfect beard!

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