The Beardly Routine

Each morning you and I and the rest the world wake up and start the day believing that this day will be like no other day, past, present or future. As the sun rises, some of us ponder the difficulties ahead in that very day, some of us have mind blowing unadulterated morning sexcapades, and then there are some of us who are so set in a routine that it's as if blinders have been attached to our personalized bridles like clydesdales marching along in a holiday parade. If you ask me, I prefer the unadulterated sexcapades, especially if there's time for more than just a morning quickie. You may be wondering how any of this relates to beards and why the fuck I'm philosophizing life?
Well, I find that with a healthy and groomed beard, woman that I'm interested in pursuing have an equal preference to those morning sexcapdes that can start everyone's day off right. Then you may be thinking about how to make that scenario of a beautiful woman sharing your bed in the morning a reality and how the hell to get out of the clydesdale routine. It starts by choosing the right products to maintain your look. I've tested numerous products and I always find myself going back to products that have an extensive list of high quality ingredients. Most of the beard oils and beard balms on the market are average, but when you find that great product, that clydesdale routine becomes a thing of the past. 
Am I telling you that my products are the best...NO! I would be satisfied if most men would just use some kind of products. There are some amazing products out there and I would like to give my top 3 based on my personal experience. 

My Top 3 Beard Brands

1: Honest Amish - This was my first beard product purchased and has sentimental value. They also have a pretty impressive recipe. They are the old school of beard products.

2: Beard Guyz - This company can be found at Walgreens and is surprisingly good for being at a large retail store. The scent is very unique and will give you a break from the traditional beard oil fragrance.

3: Dragon’s Gold - They use 16 different oils and the scent is manly for the Original while modern and cultured for their Premium. They are veteran owned and small so customer service has been great. They also use pheromones in their premium products which is unlike any other company.

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