Pheromones in beard products? WTF?

The greatest part of owning your own company is having the ability to venture off in the world of innovation. Doing something that no one else has ever done before and seeing if the public has a need for it. 

I am 33 years old and have always been considered handsome (not so much now) and intelligent. A dynamic combination in my prime when it came to women. I was a bouncer at Club Eclipse at the age of 20 and was quickly promoted to bartender the day I turned 21. The club was intense and had college night Thursdays where we used to bus students from the University of Toledo to the club, Friday night with Tower 98 a local radio station broadcasting live and Saturday night house/techno music. I won't go into the Wednesday night "male stripper" night or the Sunday night fiasco where the owner tried to increase profits by lower the standard of our patrons that frequently ended in chairs being used as weapons and mace almost always being an after taste in my mouth at the nights end. I was quickly promoted to head bartender where I ran the bars financials every night, stocked the beverages, priced the drinks and ran promotional specials based on our competition. I was desired by women to say the least. Typical Thursday at Club Eclipse  

I bartended for a few years and got extremely bored of the routine I found myself in. The weekends seemed to blur into one another and I desired more out of life. The ease at which women came and went out of my life left me wanting to say the least. I was young and was finding my path not only professionally but spiritually. 

I decided to, you guessed it, join the Army! 

Joining the Army was by far one of the most rewarding decisions I had ever made. It taught me things about myself I knew, they just hadn't been proven yet. The long days/night, the lack of sleep, following orders when you disagree, showed just how much intestinal fortitude was required of me. I was in great shape and competed in the Iron Guard, a physical fitness challenge for the unit I was stationed with. I was 26 and I was untouchable

 Grant Lewis, Michael Lewis, TOG, The old guard

I was stationed in Washington D.C. from 2006 thru 2010 with the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment (TOG). Once again If found myself in a situation where women were prevalent. The ration of women to men was a running joke for me and my Alpha company friends. "10 to 1" we used to say. Every where we went we were checked out and pursued. I remember at a bar called Mister Days in Alexandria, VA, I was meeting a girl from myspace, Andrea, who would become a long term girlfriend. I went up to the second floor bar where the line was shorter and was stopped by two random women proclaiming I had the best body they had ever seen. Things like his happened all the time. 


Fast forward 8 years, two kids, a divorce, and 30 lbs heavier. I am no longer the golden boy of a mans body. I have thinning hair on top, my knees hurt, and can't find a minute during the day for myself with all my responsibilities. I can't have sugar because I'll get indigestion so bad I'll be up all night. That or I'll eat an entire bottle of Tums and have crazy rainbow chalk poop the next day that I could take and draw on the sidewalk with. So what do I decide to do now, DATE, or trying to at least and let me tell you something, it SUCKS!  

I never had to join a dating app, or make sure my Facebook didn't have too many selfies because apparently that's egotistical, lame, screams I have no friends and I'm boring bordering on sociopathic. The game has changed so much! I went out with my friend Tom June of 2015 around the time my ex of 8 years and I called it quits. I hadn't hit on a women in years! I mustered up the courage to go talk to a beautiful women in a blue sun dress. I went over and started to be extremely honest with her. I told her I thought she was very beautiful and I would...then out of nowhere her friend grabbed her and pulled her away faster than Debbie Reynolds died after Carrie did. Too soon? 

I had to change to accommodate the "game". I went from relying on my looks to engaging in conversation. Opening up more than I have ever wanted to. I wanted to show a women I was interesting, competant and actually have a pretty unique view on the world and care about people. I began to grow a beard to express myself. This culture immaculates men and its one of the few ways we can express our masculinity. I began working on my spiritual health again and can't express to you how much God helped my thru my divorce. 

I have grown so much since my youth but one thing has stayed constant. I am, and this is corny, looking for my soul mate. However, in today's world,  tinder and bumble and whatever else is out there, I am no longer a person. I am a swipe left or right!  If you actually get to meet a decent women you have ONE chance to show her how awesome you are over a thousand other guys at her fingertips. How many of you women have swiped immediately after a date hmm? Women between the ages of 24-27 have this pace of dating that is foreign to me. You text them and they will go days, sometime weeks without responding. When they get back to you it's like everything is cool. 

So back to the innovative part about owning your own business. I needed an edge over other men. I already have an amazing beard. God has truly blessed me there. I needed something extra, something that would ensure when I finally meet that women I don't lose her to some mid 20's pot head musician with tattoos covering his left ear because he listens to nature and it speaks to him living in his moms basement playing World of Warcraft and she thinks he is "edgy" and "mysterious". 

This edge would come in the form of science. A truly innovative way to look at innate biological desires imbedded in the nature of all women.  Pheromones! Pheromones drive all of nature from a full hive of killer bees attacking one target after a sting to  "verbenone" a pheromone secreted by pine beetles signaling the pine tree has reached maximum capacity for breeding and larva.  

I decided to try to tap into the science of  human attraction and have used a combination of prevalent pheromones found in us that have been hinted, researched, and speculated, attract the opposite sex. I put this in all my premium beard balm and beard oils. Why? The beard not only holds natural sebum secreted by the follicle enhancing your natural smell but most importantly when you go in for a kiss she will smell it and the hope is, be irresistibly attracted to you yielding a second, third and forth date. 

My hope is, bearded men everywhere trying to either keep their current partner interested, or a newly single bearded guy just about to enter this world of survival of the fittest dating has the confidence of one thing. That his beard looks and smells amazing and maybe, just maybe, by using pheromones in his beard product will find and hold onto, the love of his life.  

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