Millennials and Beards


My name is Grant Lewis and I'm an Army veteran and a small business owner. I also work with the DOI in Human Resources. I love comics and reading about millennial's and how they are changing the world around them. More importantly how millennial's are changing commerce, culture and style and fashion. My emphasis will be on beards but will also dive into the way small towns to large cities have had a cultural shift because of millennial influence.

My first few posts will be the foundation of the beard. The nuts and bolts needed to understand my later posts. I really want to take you into the culture of having a beard and then transition that frame of mind into how that mentality  is changing cities across America. Maybe we will even discover why Trump won the presidency, or why more places than ever before are dog friendly. I will keep this post short but before I go I want to explain what is a "millennial". Generationally, a millennial is those of us born between the years 1982-2004. Now these dates of course varie on which researcher you ask however you get the gist. The older millennial's like myself grew up playing Oregon Trail in grade school. We were the first students to have "computer" class. We are so unique from any other generation in history. We not only grew up with emerging social media such as myspace, Facebook, and YouTube but we also remember what AOL dial-up sounds like. My dad still has an aol account which is indicative of a baby boomer's unwillingness to embrace change in technology.

Why are millennial so important?  Why should you care? Why should I care? As a small business owner, I am constantly trying to reach my audience in a heartfelt way and truly connect with them. Millennial's care about the planet. We want to make a difference in our daily life's. In response to this ideology I have used PET plastic which is recyclable on all my products. They care and so do I so a portion of my profits go to The Strong Alliance which helps veterans and their spouse deal with PTSD and Depression and advocate suicide awareness. I also Donate to The Autism Society of America. I am personally touched by this. I have a six year old son who lives with Autism. Besides ideology, Millennials make up the largest demographic surpassing the baby boomers. This market is huge for business and they want to tap into us and what we want and need. With that being said I look forward writing more and exploring this topic together.

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