Anti-Hunting Vegetarian gets Destroyed by Bearded Hunter on

Join they said. It’s better quality than Tinder they said. Let’s talk about my first week on

This is your typical liberal, closed minded, Denver, Colorado native woman. NOW, I am not saying that all Colorado native women are like this. There have been plenty of women I have met and talked to that have been the opposite of this woman. However she has not been the first like this and guarantee you, will not be the last! Let’s dive into this!

I have had a lot of people tell me I date too young! First off, fuck them. Second off, their right! I noticed on Match the population of women below 26 is non-existent. I was finally searching in an expectable age range. This particular individual, let’s call her Rara Avis, a clever screen name meaning rare. Rara is 37 and a 3rd generation native.

I start off by commenting on her picture, she had her age posted as 37 but her photo looked 29! Is this your typical bait and switch? NO! She was incredibly attractive for her age and I was going to pursue this woman. My message clever, flattering and engaging. She responded immediately. Rara informs me this is an incredibly common occurrence but that she gets underestimated a lot. I have no idea what that means and attribute my misunderstanding as being an idiot. How can someone be underestimated because they look a few years younger than they are?

Red Flag #1

I ask her how long she has been on Match and I am just now starting week 2. She informs me she has been online for 4 YEARS!! My initial reaction, this woman has to be incredibly picky and will not settle at all! I nail it! She informs me that she was in a marriage, settled and will not do that again. I can understand this and is often the case. Bad relationships leave the person being hypercritical in their future relationships. But wait….4 years online??

I try to relate, explaining I too got married quickly only after 4 months while stationed in D.C. with the Army and wouldn't settle either. I take this opportunity to show my maturity and capability. I tell her I have a great relationship with my Ex even after a very difficult and emotional divorce. She is 37, I’m 34, my chances, bleak, so I must be careful with everything I say in regards to maturity. I take this opportunity to seal a date and ask her out.

Her Response?

"I know that I won’t be compatible with a hunter though". Okay? I have to hear why!! She goes on, "I try to eat vegetarian as much as possible, and don’t kill anything around me--even insects. Killing things for sport isn’t something I can get behind".

Wait, Sport? What the fuck? I try to calm myself down. “Okay Grant calm down let’s relax a minute. She clearly doesn’t know what it means to be a hunter. Just wish her luck and move on”  Naw, fuck this! This “girl” really thinks we hunter’s kills shit for sport? We just shoot them and leave? I can see it in her head. I’m with my buddies after spending a week in the mountains tracking this herd, we finally down an Elk and say  “Okay great, well...., we killed it, lets roll the fuck out and leave the body”. I meet myself in the middle. “Dude, lets just pry a bit. Let’s try to figure out where she is coming from and what she means”.

My Response?

I try to show that it doesn't bother me if she a vegetarian. “I really don’t care what you eat, that choice doesn't affect me at all. I guess if you are a radical vegetarian that thinks people who eat meat don’t deserve to live than no, we wouldnt fit”. Clearly a light hearted statement as it would be improbable she thinks like that.

I mean, what’s the chances of that right? I try to be logical and explore her meaning of sport. “Kill for sport? That’s called poaching and is a felony here in Colorado” Boom!! A great factual statement that debunks her assumption I kill for sport. I elaborate,

“Hunting by law is taking the meat of the animal. Colorado even has a minimum you must take from each animal. Do you really think hunters just kill and leave the animal”? A valid question, no?


She responds “I think taking a life away from an animal when you live in Denver and can go buy yourself a salad or peanut butter sandwich when you’re hungry constitutes “sport”. You do it because you want to, not because you need to to survive, That’s a fact”.

DING DING DING Gloves coming off in 3...2...1….

I have dealt with a lot of people like you and for various reasons do not like hunters. When I hear someone say “just go to the grocery store and get your meat” it’s absurd to me. First off as a biologist if you understood anything about carrying capacity you would know 50,000 Elk die a year in Colorado alone from starvation etc. Why do you think Colorado’s department of wildlife gives us unlimited over the counter licenses during archery and several rifle seasons? If we don’t harvest and eat them, they die a slow death of starvation or worse. You advocate that though huh?

Not to mention they eat clean and you can’t get any better meat at the store. I would rather have one elk and provide a year's worth of meat than buying meat that has over 1000 cows in one pound. Every time I harvest an Elk it saves me from spending $2000+ dollars on processed meat at the store. Which one do you think is better? Giving my money to myself and getting a better quality of meat or supporting those companies”?

“Just don’t eat meat”! She exclaims

"Do you realize that you are eating my foods food"? HA an over exaggeration but it drives my point home.

We meet and she ate meat that night!

Thanks Match!

Vegetarian and hunter approved beard oil --->

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