Beard care products and what's important!

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The most important thing for you as the customer when looking for any beard care product is the quality and versatility of the oils used to put together their recipe. Argan oil is the "new age" oil where as Coconut oil is the tried and true. Make sure you purchase from a company with an abundance of oils high in vitamin E. Most oils have some vitamin E in them naturally. Avocado oil, sweet almond oil and Golden Jojoba oil are all rich in Vitamin E. Every oil has a unique ability kind a like superheroes. For instance Meadowfoam seed oil has the ability to reject UV light that can be harmful for your skin and hair. It also makes it easier for your skin to “breathe” by removing the blockages in the pores. 

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FYI Castor oil is not enough!! So don't fall into the trap. 

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Depending on what type of consumer you are you may not want to research what all the different oils do. If that's the case purchase your beard oil or beard balm from a company that DOES care what every oil does. A clear red flag is when you go to buy your beard oil, beard balm or any beard care product and they "hide" their ingredients. Our ingredients have a page solely dedicated to explaining every oil in a way the consumer can understand. For more information you can go to

The next vital part in your journey to finding the best beard care product is the aroma. Many companies use cheap essential oils and sell you on the name of the scent. Do not fall for into this marketing trap. Find a company that still keeps their identity but is willing to share with you what kind of essential oils are in their products. A company that is proud of the product will inform you what they use. For instance, we use an essential oil called Sandalwood. This is a well known essential oil that ranges about $250 for 2 ounces. It is one of the most popular essential oils for men yet very expensive to use. Companies using this essential oil will be proud they do and therefore advertise that fact. Stay clear of those beard oils and balms that hide where the smells are coming from. This indicates very cheap essential oils that you should probably stay clear of.

Beard care companies are a dime a dozen and most throw together oils and essential oils that are cheap. Not only are they cheap but they have no idea what the oils actually do for you beard and skin. I am a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry and much research has been done on the different types of carrier oils that pack the most punch when it come to skin and hair health. 

I hope these few tips have helped you become an educated consumer. As always "Strive for Beardfection"




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