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What is Dragon's Gold?

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What makes us different?

It would be most appropriate to give a sales pitch to prove to you, our customer, that our products are composed of 16 different carrier and essential oils and those oils are the main factors on how we've set ourselves apart from our competitors. However, that's just not the case today. We pride ourselves on the familial story that led to Dragon's Gold, and we're proud to share our success with the people that have supported our entrepreneurial endeavour. We would like to continue sharing the positivity that we've experienced and assure that our customers know that with every bottle, balm, or product you buy supports our vision of taking care of the average joe, while making healthy and groomed facial hair a statement, not a fad. 

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The Story Continues

July 4th, 2016. People celebrating a day of independence, watching fireworks, drinking beer, BBQ’ing, and spending time with family and friends. Can’t ask for much more than that, right? Well I did. On this day, Dragon’s Gold was launched with the help of friends, family, and of course, my business partner Shachar. Starting a new business can be scary for a lot of people because it challenges you in ways that you wouldn’t have even thought possible until you hit that juncture.  Between marketing, advertising, website designing, photography, finances, you get the idea.  It has been a year that will never be forgotten and with everyone’s hard-work, Dragon’s Gold has now been in two widely successful farmer’s markets in Colorado, our product can be found in our first store “The Local” at Southlands Mall in Aurora, Colorado and there’s much more to come. Thank you to everyone who has supported us up to this point and remember, “Strive for Beardfection.”


We can be found at The Local in Southland's Mall in Aurora CO. 

6155 S. Main Street
Aurora, CO 80016


Sun 11am-6pm
Mon-Sat 10am-9pm

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